Por que? Porque.

My destination this summer is Latin America. More specifically, Nicaragua. Suddenly, I am grasping at straws in order to revive my high school Spanish career. Por que reflects the often confusing interchangeability of Spanish words. When phrased as a question, it translates into “Why?”. When phrased as a statement, it means “because”.  This has been my rebuttal when asked why on earth do I want to go to Nicaragua? Because (insert passionate argument here).

I have been excited about this trip ever since the check has cleared the bank. But, along the way, there have been many who have voiced their uninformed opinions about my trip. Try as they may, they are not going to stop me. Those who have recited their opinions have never been to this picturesque country. Let me express some of my frustrations now at your leisure.

Those who have disapproved have told me I was going to be a victim of cannibalism. If that wasn’t enough, I was told I was going to be eaten by snakes. Although, Mr. Spicer did tell Carl and I that there are pythons that are 15 feet long that can eat a cow or are so poisonous they can kill a cow. I’m fuzzy on the details. I don’t want to find out firsthand.  Either one is a terrifying feat for a snake to achieve.

Please stop telling me that Nicaragua is unsafe. In fact, it is one of the safest countries in Latin America clocking in at a crime rate that is less than 1%. This is strange considering that it is one of the poorest countries in this area. If you are a sociology scholar, you would have figured that following by the usual algorithm: the higher the poverty rate, the higher the crime rate. This gives me a sense of comfort knowing that the country I’m going to is safer than the one I’m leaving. I know that sounds strange, but being in a foreign land is scary enough. However, I do realize that violence is everywhere and I do need to take precautions and use good sense.

So, why Nicaragua? Because, I want to experience something new! As my grandmother told me, I am going to go to a place that not many of my family or friends will get to see in their lifetime. I love to travel and have never crossed U.S. borders. Besides, who could argue with Mr. Spicer about going to such a lovely country? It was an offer I could not refuse.



2 thoughts on “Por que? Porque.

  1. ¡Buen viaje! Nicaragua is a gorgeous country! I´ve been several times (two with Rodney McDonald), and I will be surprised if you don’t come away with plans to return. Enjoy your travels!

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