My feelings…

Nearing my departure to Nicaragua, I am beginning to experience mixed emotions. At the start of June I was extremely thrilled about this impending trip. It was the primary topic of the majority of my conversations. I could not wait to experience a culture different from my own. I had painted this magnificent picture in my head depicting all the beauty and excitement that was awaiting me in Nicaragua and looking back now it seems I was purposefully overlooking the bigger picture. Now that the journey is growing near I am beginning to feel the apprehension and sorrow of experiencing a new culture for the first time without them. I am still very excited and ready to go but I also am feeling my mother’s worry rub off on me for the first time since I decided to go on this trip.

When I mention the trip to my family it is the direct opposite response of how I am feeling. My mother and grandmother are very worried that something is going to happen to me and I have had to resort to avoiding the topic with them all together just to maintain peace during our visits. My older brother and sister are very interested in this program and ask a lot of questions about what I expect. My fiancé is the one who is actually funding my trip and he has been the biggest supporter of me experiencing this. He feels that any opportunity to see the world outside of your own and any opportunity to venture away from your comfort zone is a must have experience that needs to be embraced if at all possible. I too believe this but lack the worldly encounters that he has had to back up my opinions.



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